4 Things You Need To Do Before Applying To Jobs


We share 4 things that we recommend you take before applying to jobs.

While most people may dive straight into applying jobs, BuenoSchonig Consulting takes a different approach. We find that there’s a critical step that needs to happen beforehand to ensure that you can optimize your job search.

We share 4 things that we recommend you take before applying to jobs.

Prepare your mindset for rejection

For most people, experiencing rejection is almost inevitable. It is important that you prepare to hear or experience rejection. What’s important is to understand the difference between expecting and preparing. Expecting rejection – we believe – hurts your job search. We are not suggesting that every role you apply to, you should expect a ‘no’. We are suggesting that you recognize rejection is part of the process and to not let rejections discourage you.

Applying for jobs, especially now, can be incredibly difficult and can make you feel discouraged about how things are going. We recommend that you acknowledge how you are feeling and try to figure out how you can improve, so you can be one step closer to that offer letter.

Develop a routine for yourself so you can train your mindset to help you and not harm you.

Clarify what you want

Applying to any and all jobs that you see available is not a strategy that can be the most effective and efficient way for you to take. That type of strategy usually leaves most people feeling discouraged.

It is critical for you to ask yourself some serious questions like “What type of work do you want to do?” or “What did you like most about your last job?”

Asking yourself questions like these can help narrow what you are looking for and will ultimately allow you ace your interview because you can confidently speak to your skill set and explain how you can do the job.

Clean up your resume/cover letter

This might be obvious, but make sure you clean up your resume and yes, your cover letter. Even if a company doesn’t require you to submit a cover letter, sometimes a cover letter can be what makes you stand out in a pile of resumes.

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(Optional) Hire a Career Coach

While this is not a requirement at all, it can be incredibly helpful. Working with a career coach can review your application documents and help you get a better understanding on what needs to be improved or changed. They can review and audit your documents and your online professional portfolio to ensure you can optimize your entire job application.

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