4 Tips To Improve Your Resume


2021 just started and maybe you’re considering to look for a new role or position. Right now is a great time to start searching for a job, so make sure you take the proper steps to ensure that you have a successful job search. BuenoSchonig Consulting has your back when it comes to securing the role you want.

We always recommend taking some steps before you start applying to jobs, to read about the tips for prepping yourself for your job search – click here.

We are sharing 4 tips to improve your resume.

Curate Your Resume

Each resume needs to be curated for each job you are applying for. Trust me – I know how tedious this can be. However, with a competitive market right now it is critical for you to stand out and one way for you to do so is by curating your resume for the specific job.

Check Your Resume Format

Resume format is very important for two reasons. 1. Having the proper resume format shows off your professionalism. 2. It makes it much easier for a hiring manager or recruiter to read the content and learn more about you.

I always recommend to clients how important it is to ensure that your resume format is industry standard and looks professional.

Include Relevant Experience

Content of your resume is the bread and butter for any recruiter or hiring manager reviewing it. Depending on who is reading your resume, it can be a turn off or an immediate pass if you’re including information that is irrelevant to the position you are applying for.

Go through every single line that you have on your resume and ask yourself if it is relevant to the role. By eliminating irrelevant experience, you are showing the time you’ve taken to optimize your resume.

Include Metrics When Describing Your Experience

When writing out your work experience, the biggest tip we have is to be specific and include metrics. Stating you’ve been able to grow an account from x to y or scaled a financial portfolio to $XXX,XXX is an example of how you want to include metrics in your resume.

By including numbers and percentages, this shows that you can actually do the work you are saying you can do and also providing real numbers to prove the work. Make sure that you are being honest about the metrics as you need to make sure you can speak to the work you’ve done.


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