5 Types of Individuals that Can help Your Business


“It takes two flints to make a fire.” – Louisa May Alcott

The larger a business, the more hands and minds you need to run it efficiently. While you could definitely go solo at the beginning, as you gain popularity and an increase in customer demand, you would need to hire more people that would work with you. There could be a lot of interested job applicants out there, but you could be lost on who deserves to be given the job position. It could be stressful to choose among aspiring employees, so you must first identify what is necessary for your company.

Your business’ success requires a great team composed of unique individuals. If you’re looking for what type of employees could help you build a good team of professionals, here are five types of individuals that can help your business grow and progress!

1. Creator

Someone who truly understands what the goal and value of the brand are all about. The creator focuses on the business’s goals and how far the brand can go, a person who always looks out for what can be developed.

The creator doesn’t necessarily need to be the founder of the business, although it is frequently the one who started the idea. Instead, they must be open to opportunities and possibilities, or else progress will stay stagnant. Being able to ask “what needs improvement?” and “what can we do next?” is the attitude of the business’ creator.

2. Connector

Someone who can connect with everyone, literally. The connector is friendly, talks with a lot of people comfortably, and creates good relations. Your business needs this person to become your advocate and marketer.

These kinds of people can sell and promote the business with their good communication skills! The connector is usually someone with a pleasing personality that leaves a good impression on others, therefore building a strong rapport with your customers thanks to their amazing communication abilities. Someone like this will definitely help your business if you want to want more people to be interested in your product!

3. Mover

Someone who pushes for things to get going and moving. The mover is the one who oversees and gets tasks done by regulating necessary components and processes. If there are certain lacking aspects, they look for the “parts” that must be fixed and organize the steps needed for improvement. The ability to be detail-oriented and administer each procedure is a must for the mover.

By taking in the ideas of the creators and enthusiasm of connectors, the mover puts all of these together into one big picture.

4. Dreamer

Someone whose core characteristic is being optimistic. The dreamer has big aspirations and grand ideas for the company, with creating ambitious long-term goals as part of their role and providing positivity for everyone when things get rough.

Their personality—be it optimistic, joyful, eager, etc.—should provide great motivation for the team and company. A positive and productive environment is a good way to boost morale, so the dreamer can be the one to provide reminders and encouragement for the team. They are usually placed in positions like the manager who can constantly cheer up the company’s attitude!

5. Problem-Solver

Someone who seeks solutions when things don’t go as planned. The seeker is responsible and capable of leading the team on making feasible progress. Business conflicts and problems will surely come as you continue on your business journey, so it’s crucial to have a team member who is clear-headed and can direct the company to the right direction during a period of crisis. Not everyone has the attitude to look for opportunities and potential ways to solve conflicts, so the problem-solver should be someone who can handle high-pressure situations and push through challenges rather than focusing on the negatives.

To find this person, you must be able to ask applicants how they handled difficulties in previous work or personal experiences. They must be able to identify their strengths and present how they handle situations with high pressure as an individual and with others.

There are certainly a lot more attitudes and personalities that are essential to any business, but for now, having these 5 types of people on your team can be of great help to you as an entrepreneur. Hopefully, this guide can help you recruit the best employees you can have with your business.

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