Boosting Your Self-Esteem For Job Interview


Applying for a new job, more often than not, is a great deal of stress, especially if you are not confident that you will be chosen among the other applicants. Even though you have all the documents and requirements needed by the employer, you can never be 100% sure of landing that work position.

Your future boss might be picky or have certain qualities in mind that they are looking for. Therefore, you must put the extra effort and convince them that you are qualified and deserving. Here are tips that you must take note of, especially for your interview.

Research about the company Nothing beats being prepared! It is very much recommended to be knowledgeable about your future company. Especially if you are a fresh graduate or are entering a different industry, it is expected of you to have researched and learned the background of the company. Not only can you set your expectations for the role such as work culture and setup, recruiters also appreciate if you know their company well and not appear clueless as you walk into the interview.

Organize your thoughts. When the hiring manager starts asking you questions during an interview, a lot of thoughts may come into your mind and you end up rambling. You can avoid this if you organize your ideas before you speak! Don’t let the nerves overpower you; it’s okay if you take time and breathe first before you express your answer. Doing this gives you a moment to relax and get yourself together, and hopefully, your response will be better and more comprehensive, earning you points to your future employer.

Know your strengths. Being able to upsell yourself and convince the company to hire you is essential for you to get your desired job. You must be able to prove to them that you are worthy and can excel with the responsibilities they will assign to you. In order to do this, you must be ready to share your previous experiences and cite significant occasions wherein you were able to shine and show great results. Through the interviewers’ questions, you can present examples of previous work or state instances where you showed good work ethic, efficiency, agility, and tenacity.

Speak comfortably and politely If your company requires you to be fluent in English or another language, practice well and learn proper grammar. A company that caters to foreign clients would want to hire someone who can converse well in their required languages, and it is also important to speak comfortably and professionally, something you can practice with your friends and family beforehand. Use proper titles and address them with respect and appropriate tone. This will leave a positive impression that you are good at communicating with people.

Acknowledge feedback and constructive criticism. While we all aim to get positive feedback and responses, there would be instances when the interview might not end up as ideally as you’d want to. If they reject your application, be open to the result and seek feedback. Try to be proactive and ask them on what aspect can you improve. While it may be disheartening to know that you didn’t get the role, it does not mean you should lose hope; this is an experience for you to improve and continue searching for more opportunities that would be suitable for you.

Alongside these tips, remember to smile and have fun! Being comfortable can help you become more confident to face whatever comes your way.

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Reference: Davis, R. 2020. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem When Applying for a Job.


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