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From landing your dream job, negotiating a competitive salary, to changing industries, we can help you make moves in your career.

We’ve helped hundreds of people make career moves and help them develop their career. We also work with companies develop recruit or develop their employees so we know industry trends that can help you make sure you reach your career ambitions.

We offer al la carte and coaching services to help you with every step of your career.

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Small Business Solutions

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We help all levels of entrepreneurs and businesses that are focusing on growth and scaling. Our Founder is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with expertise on business development and entrepreneurship.



We are a team of experienced professionals with an award-winning CEO & Founder.



We are willing to push the limits on what we can offer. Let us know what you want to achieve and we can help.



We take pride in our services and we make sure to curate and personalize each session to give you the best experience.

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BuenoSchonig Consulting has worked with non-profits, startups, financial services on providing career development workshops, programs, and individual coaching.

Companies specifically work with us as we provide curated programs that support professionals, particularly women and women of color.

Given that we provide a number of services related to entrepreneurship and career – we’re always willing to push the limits to what we can offer.

With our team, our flexibility will play in your favor and will further help you reach your career ambitions.

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