Women Techmakers Ambassador

Incredible news from BuenoSchonig Consulting! We are excited and honored to share that our CEO and Founder Kimberley Bueno-Schonig has been chosen by Google as one of the Women Techmakers Ambassador! The Women Techmakers Ambassadors or #WTMAmbassadors are composed of leaders from all around the world whose passion lies upon empowering communities by organizing events, […]

Steps On Choosing Your Career

One of the most significant decisions you make in life is choosing the job and career you will pursue. You could be an undergraduate student or a college graduate with unsure choices, but selecting the right track is certainly a big step for you to take. A lot of people could be experiencing conflicts with […]

Hip Hop Hackathon Event

Heads up! We are truly excited to announce that our CEO and Founder Kimberley Bueno-Schonig is taking part in another workshop as a virtual panel for the Hip Hop Hackathon “How to get a job and grow a business in tech”, this May 13 at 3:30 PM (Pacific Time). It is a day conducted in […]

SEI Salary Negotiation Workshop Event

Heads up! BSC has another great news to share to all of you.Our CEO and founder, Kimberley Bueno-Schonig has been invited to discuss and share all about salary negotiation for Climate Corps, a program of SEI, on the 13th of May.  She will be talking about the important aspects and strategies that you can use […]

Google International Women’s Day North America 2022 Event

google international women's day 2022 event

Exciting news for professionals, especially women! Mark your calendars: Google Developers are organizing a free, virtual event for International Women’s Day North America 2022, from April 29 to 30th (10 AM-2 PM PDT).  This event aims to educate, inspire, and bring together female professionals, developers, and allies across North America. It is a get-together with […]

What are Business Partnership?

Business partnerships are exciting! You’re cooperating with another company that shares your visions, values, and goals, and you are working together to build the company into something big. However, before you sign off an agreement, there are some things you need to know to create an orderly relationship: What Are Business Partnerships? A business partnership […]

Skills to Help You Introduce Sustainability in Your Business

In recent years, society has placed a higher focus on the environmental impact the businesses make. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business model in which companies make a collective effort to improve society in all areas, including ethical, social, and environmental. Sustainability is an important determinant of a company’s reputation amongst the public. But […]

Tips for Virtual Meetings

Joining virtual meetings is part of the daily routine for most employees nowadays. Instead of going to the office, we hop on to Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other online meeting platforms. This might feel more comfortable since we’re cozy at home, but we should remember to abide by proper etiquette while the online […]

How to Create an Employee Training Program

If you want to help boost your employees’ efficiency at work and increase overall productivity, an employee training program might be a good idea to consider! Employee development is crucial to maintaining the flow of your business, and ensuring that your employees’ skill levels are adept and polished is part of your responsibility as their […]

Automating Business Process

If you think that you always have to do everything step-by-step manually to run your business, think again.Wondering if there are ways to make sure that your business and your employees are following the correct workflow and processes? It does not have to be that hard. With a few tricks and assistance from technology, you […]