Feeling Zoom Fatigue? Here’s How to Avoid It When You Have No Other Option

Zoom fatigue has been a common theme throughout the past year. The pandemic upended the way many people connect in and out of the office. While Zoom has proven invaluable in maintaining continuity and enabling remote work, it’s also creating conference call burnout in droves. For better or for worse, Zoom and similar tools aren’t […]

Why Job Seekers Need to Focus on Tiny Wins

When you’re in the thick of the job search, you start to feel like you’re moving slower than a sloth. Like the more you move towards your goal, the farther away the goal becomes.  At this rate, you wonder if you’ll ever get an interview, let alone a job offer. Why does everything take so […]

5 Ways to Turn Your Job Rejection into an Opportunity

You spent hours looking on job search engines. You wrote and re-wrote your resume, looked up tips for how to prepare for the field, and practiced your interview responses with a friend.  Finally, you’re offered an interview. The whole process goes so smoothly, you’re almost positive you’re going to get a job offer.  Then, the […]

How to Stay Motivated During Your COVID Job Search

How can I stay positive when things get hard? How do I stay on track in the job search? Let’s jump right in and go over ways to find motivation as a job seeker during this weird time we’re all living in.  What has COVID changed about the job search?  Through all the uncertainty we’ve […]

6 Tips To Ace Your Online Interview

Research the Team and Company One of the most common questions that hiring managers or recruiters will ask is “Why do you want to work for our Company?” Generic answers do not do so well with this. It is incredibly important for you to be able to answer this specifically to stand out. A hiring […]

3 Cover Letter Tips

Official Letter Format Do you know how to write a formal letter? Do you know what the format of a formal letter looks like? If you don’t know, make sure you look up what the format of a cover letter looks like. The format of a cover letter is just as important as the content […]

4 Tips To Improve Your Resume

2021 just started and maybe you’re considering to look for a new role or position. Right now is a great time to start searching for a job, so make sure you take the proper steps to ensure that you have a successful job search. BuenoSchonig Consulting has your back when it comes to securing the […]