How To Use Email Marketing Tools


Need help managing emails for marketing your business? You don’t have to struggle to type every message for different receivers. Through various email marketing platforms, you can do this more conveniently and easily.

What are email marketing platforms?

– These are kinds of software identified as SAAS (software as a service) tools that are cloud-based. Using this, you can send out all your emails – be it newsletters or promotional emails, this will help you do it. You can readily automate engaging and creative emails or marketing campaigns to be sent to your customers or subscribers.

If you are wondering how to choose an email marketing platform that would fit you and your needs, here are certain features that you can consider checking!

1. User Interface

An email marketing platform is supposed to help you accomplish your tasks easier as an email marketer. Looking for one with an easy and user-friendly interface that has a low learning curve allows you to use the features of the platform without hassle. Having a drag-and-drop email editor is one feature that would be good to use.

For email designers, you can opt to customize and explore using an HTML email template. For those who do not have to design their emails, it is recommended for you to look for an email marketing platform that has various templates you can choose from and adjust them according to your brand!

2. Email Segmentation

Creating targeted marketing campaigns or email promotions for specific groups of people through email segmentation can boost the ROI of email campaigns. By doing so, you will have audiences categorized according to their interests, demographics, behavior, and others.

Other email marketing platforms make use of AI and machine learning which can evaluate an online user’s behavior and tailor your campaign emails according to it.

3. Customize

If you can do segmentation for your email marketing, the next step you have to do is to customize and personalize your email marketing campaigns, such as easily editing email subject lines and email copies. For other email marketing platforms which make use of dynamic content which allows you to automatically send an email with specific content which depends on the segment of the receiver.

4. Automatic Emails
You can skip the repetitive routine of clicking and manually sending emails once you use email marketing platforms, which can help you save time and effort. This feature of email automation can range from scheduling emails, delivery receipts, engagement tracking, text analytics, role-based account access for your marketing team, as well as intelligent segmentation/re-segmentation following the responses of your email marketing campaigns.

5. Track Analytics

Instead of working on track if your email marketing is reaching your goals, let your email marketing platform help you do it. Certain softwares have reporting and analytics which are available for you to track open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and others.

Wondering what are some of the email marketing tools you can start working with?

There are available tools that have an email builder, landing page builder, campaign builder, and automation that can be conveniently accessed.
Here are a few recommendations:
Mailchimp – Ideal for multi-step custom workflows, also has an app
ConvertKit – Useful for driving engagement and sales, works for browser
AWeber – For email testing across devices, works for browser

Is Email Marketing Really Important?

There is already a lot of evidence that shows that email marketing is indeed effective for business.

  • 78% of marketers experience an increase in email engagement for the past 12 months, according to Not Another State of Marketing 2020 research conducted by Hubspot.
  • 81% of B2B marketers use email newsletters for different purposes such as content marketing, as stated by Content Marketing Institute study in 2020.
  • Furthermore, 31% of B2B marketers voted email newsletters as the best medium to nurture leads.

    Hopefully, this article would help convince you to start working with email marketing platforms and take advantage of the various uses and functions it has to offer you. If you need more tips and advice on how to market your business, message us at BuenoSchonig Consulting and we can gladly help you out!


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