Importance of Cover Letter


If you are applying for a job, the first thing you fix is your resume which is filled with your accomplishments, experiences, and personal background that can help boost your image. However, these factual and concrete examples only tell a part of who you are – and having a cover letter would give your future employer and hiring manager and idea of who you are as a professional. Here’s three things that explain why it is important for you to have a brief and well made cover letter:

1. It Tells Your Story

Your cover letter gives a narrative discussion that introduces your personality, accomplishments, passion, and eagerness to have the job and work hard for it. You can also state the reasons on why you are interested to apply for the available job position, as well as the values you can contribute to their company. This is a chance for you to tell more about you as an individual even prior to the interview, aside from your accomplishments already stated in the resume.

2. Builds Relationship with the Employer

A good cover letter will help you create an impression to your employer, prior to the interview. It shows how you did your own research about the company prior to your application showcasing your diligence and work-ethic. This way, he or she will be able to critique ahead of time if you are truly fit and deserving for the position at an early stage. Creating a good impression towards your future supervisors is always a positive action that will increase your chances of being hired!

3. Explains your relationship with someone who referred you

You can also go into detail such as explaining how you got to know about this job and company or how someone recommended for you to apply for the position. Knowing that people referred you to this job show how they trust and believe in your skills and talents based from their previous experiences with you. It is a concrete example of how you can be trusted and be reliable as a person and employee. This way, you can elaborate more on why you think you deserve to be hired.

These are just a few points on how your cover letter can boost your chances of getting hired. So if you need more guidance and assistance to perfectly polish yours, just send us a message or book a consultation with BuenoSchonig Consulting to get you started. We will gladly help you out!


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