Motivating Your Employees


Sure, running a business requires your products or services to always be the best so that your customers would be satisfied. However, another vital part of the business should also be given attention and concern—the employees. No matter how small or big your company is, they should also be your priority; the efficiency and quality that you offer to your customers are in their hands. Thus, it is important that you understand what motivates them and boosts their productivity.

It does not have to be costly nor demanding. Here are some tips on how to ensure that you are treating your employees well, so they will appreciate you as the business owner.

  1. Appreciate Their Work

    Employees give time and effort to fulfill their responsibilities, so if they have completed their tasks and you can clearly see that they worked hard and gave great results, make sure that you appreciate and compliment them. Nothing is more rewarding to those who worked hard to hear “good job!” or “thank you” from their employer. Show that you commend their work and, if possible, give some tips if there are things they can improve or do better. Give them incentives if you’d like: be it a monetary bonus, a paid day-off, or even a small gift to show your gratitude. Through these rewards, your employees will be inspired to always do their best.
  2. Allow Flexibility

    There are designated office hours for some people, but as an entrepreneur, you should also allow them to have personal time for certain instances that they have to attend to. They should be given the opportunity to tend to emergencies, appointments, or child care if necessary. This also shows your compassion and consideration to them as a boss, and they will certainly appreciate the kind gesture.
  3. Let Them Enjoy

    No one likes a strict and boring workplace. It doesn’t have to be noisy or messy, but simple things such as hosting simple social events for team bonding would be a nice break from the repetitive routine. Get ideas from your team members themselves so that you can all enjoy an event mutually agreed upon, instead of forcing it on someone. Laughing and smiling relieve stress, and this is a good way to do it!
  4. Support Professional Growth

    As an employer, you’re not supposed to always command them and have them do your tasks. Let them have the chance to improve themselves, such as being a mentor to employees who would need your guidance. Offer training or seminars for new employees to improve skills, learn new techniques and strategies: these would help them to acquire new information to utilize at work. You are not only training your employees to perform better, but you are also upgrading the output of your business.

If you need more guidance, You can consult with BuenoSchonig Consulting to develop an employee engagement policy and framework. Your business relies on them, so remember to treat them with respect and gratefulness through the tips we have presented!


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