SEI Salary Negotiation Workshop Event


Heads up! BSC has another great news to share to all of you.

Our CEO and founder, Kimberley Bueno-Schonig has been invited to discuss and share all about salary negotiation for Climate Corps, a program of SEI, on the 13th of May.

She will be talking about the important aspects and strategies that you can use in terms of negotiating your salary, which is definitely relevant and important for a lot of professionals. More information on how you can reach a good agreement with your employer and knowing if you are receiving the right benefits and compensation as an employee will be part of the workshop. 

There will be an audience of over 80 participants from Climate Corps, a non-profit organization, who are working on a range of climate related efforts together with their bridge-to-career program that encourages emerging professionals to serve in a role involved in practicing sustainability and climate protection. They practice a series of efforts such as environmental education in schools, climate action planning with colleges and even local government offices.

They are under SEI, which is an environmental non-profit that builds leaders to promote sustainable solutions. For more than 24 years, SEI has been partnering with schools, communities, and industries in order to develop a sustainability leadership pathway beginning from elementary students until their early careers stages. 

They have flagship programs that educate and empower students and rising professionals to be able to create thriving, resilient communities in line with their careers. Especially with the on-going environmental crisis, it is important now more than ever to take action and make it a part of our daily life. It is time to be conscious and aware of our lifestyle and its effects towards the environment. 

If you are interested in taking part in their movement, head on to their website to know more about them: 

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