Tips for Virtual Meetings


Joining virtual meetings is part of the daily routine for most employees nowadays. Instead of going to the office, we hop on to Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other online meeting platforms. This might feel more comfortable since we’re cozy at home, but we should remember to abide by proper etiquette while the online meet is ongoing. This seems like a simple matter, but it is important to make sure you are not being a nuisance to anyone – virtually or in-person.

Here are a few tips that you must take note of so you can enjoy that group discussion together with your teammates:

  1. Dress Appropriately

    While it may be tempting to just join the meeting wearing your worn-out pajamas, please do take some time and effort to brush your hair, check your appearance, and wear clean and presentable clothes. This way, you will look professional, and you can adjust your mindset to be productive and be in work mode.
  2. Be Mindful of Your Own Surroundings

    You might not mind the pile of clothes or the unmade bed behind you, but your co-workers might be distracted to see a messy environment around you. Try to tidy up your space or have the wall as a background instead, and keep pets or kids away to avoid disturbances. Also, ensure good lighting to make sure you are clearly seen by facing the window or a good light source.
  3. Mute Your Microphone When Not Talking

    You’ve probably heard weird and disturbing noises when someone in the meeting left their microphone on. It’s incredibly distracting, so you should also do your best to keep your environment quiet unless you are speaking. Always check if you’re microphone is on mute especially if you’re not supposed to talk, so you would not disturb anyone who is speaking at that moment.
  4. Eat Before Your Meeting

    No one wants to witness you gobbling up snacks or see crumbs on your face during an important meet. It might appear disrespectful or that you aren’t treating the meeting seriously. Have your meals before or after the meeting, and if you’re feeling really hungry, try to have candies instead; it’s less obvious on camera!
  5. Speak Up!

    When you join the meeting, you can introduce yourself or greet the others on your Zoom call—just make sure you’re not interrupting someone. If someone is asking a question, try to respond if you know the answer. Control your volume as well, make sure you’re not too soft or too loud when you express your insights or opinions when asked during a meeting.

These tips are simply a few that could help you get by and help you endure your busy day. Once you have prepared all of these, put on a smile for your teammates to see and turn on your productive mode for work! Hopefully, you are in a better state and ready to finish tasks and responsibilities.


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