Women Techmakers Ambassador


Incredible news from BuenoSchonig Consulting! We are excited and honored to share that our CEO and Founder Kimberley Bueno-Schonig has been chosen by Google as one of the Women Techmakers Ambassador!

The Women Techmakers Ambassadors or #WTMAmbassadors are composed of leaders from all around the world whose passion lies upon empowering communities by organizing events, public speaking, creating content, and mentoring. The selected ambassadors aim to help build a global community wherein all women can thrive in tech through the help of exclusive resources with Google. 

At present, they already have more than 1,000 ambassadors, conducted 605 events, presented 367 keynotes, and currently have more than 81,000 members.

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Impactful Community Leaders

This WTM Ambassadors program focuses on supporting women in technology who are striving to create impact and give back to their respective communities. The role of the ambassadors is to engage with their community by participating in various leadership activities on a quarterly basis. They will also be receiving support from Google and from the larger Ambassador community.

They will be spearheading events, host meet-ups, power panels, or an International Women’s Day event to connect, educate, and inspire the people in the tech community. They will also deliver talks and share expertise about any topics. Previous ambassadors were able to share knowledge on Google technologies, DEI efforts, well-being, and a lot more.

Through creation of various resources, ambassadors will film videos, create custom code snippets, or write blog posts, and impart knowledge to the community. As mentors, they will also be helping the next generation of technology innovators by empowering and motivating them.

Learn more about them through this link: https://developers.google.com/womentechmakers 



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